Let there be light.

Light is a timeless connector, distinguishing us as humans.

One person’s candle is light for many;

Simple rituals lead to sacred experiences.

Through vision and warmth we are pulled to its orbit;

Illuminated, we spread light from within.

Our light is accessible, shareable, kind -

Driving out darkness in the way that only love can.

We are

Part of a larger something.

We are

Integral and necessary to complete the picture.

Created in the image -

Through color, movement and sound -

We make our voices known.

The BLINK Parade is the community’s spotlight during BLINK; it creates a ceremony and ritual of beginning that many different groups of communities and community members can be involved in. The Parade is also an opportunity to celebrate our unique identities outwardly with pride (real or fantasy!), and create a magical shared experience, together. The collective impact of thousands of footsteps, faces, and voices, brings human power to the electrifying BLINK event, with many individual streams of light contributing to a greater whole.

Led by ish, the 2022 BLINK Parade will kick off BLINK on Thursday, October 13th around 7:30pm (subject to change) and will run through the Central Business District (exact route to be announced). 


Neighborhood Activations: The Parade celebration will kick-off the month leading up to BLINK with a "torch passing" ceremony between Cincinnati & NKY neighborhoods! We want the Parade to represent all of our communities, and are excited to spread BLINK throughout our City and Region! Please let us know if you are interested in participating! More details to come.

Finale & Culminating Event: This year, the Parade will culminate at a special location (to be announced) for a finale performance and lighting ritual to formally kick off the BLINK weekend! Individuals and Groups will have the opportunity to indicate interest to participate in this closing event (limited performance spaces available).

This Year's Theme: The thematic direction for the 2022 BLINK Parade is: 'Together: a constellation of shared cultures and unique identities; we illuminate joy through creative expression'. Entries must reflect on how light will be used to highlight and celebrate your/your group's unique attributes, symbols, or cultural traditions. We are looking for a mix of submissions which highlight cultural heritage and pride, what it means to be YOU, to be part of your community, and part of our greater region! Entries are encouraged to consider and be inspired by the warmth and nurturing nature of light, and its role in defining and connecting us as humans throughout history. 

Entries must:

  • use light as a main element - entries without light components will not be accepted
  • be family friendly (no inappropriate language or images)
  • not show hatred or bias against any other cultures/groups (while appreciation is welcomed, please do not appropriate any cultures which are not your own)
  • be human powered (no motorized vehicles)
  • be under 12ft tall (to fit under traffic lights)

For all entries (except those requesting prefabricated kits), we ask that you submit up to 3 images of previous work, a description of the entry's narrative/meaning, a mock-up/image of entry design(s), and a budget (if requesting funds from BLINK). If requesting funding support (does not include prefabricated kits), please submit your/your group's entry by August 19, 2022. Applications will remain open for groups not requesting funding until September 2, 2022. Incomplete or late proposals will not be accepted.

For questions about your submission status, or other questions pertaining to Submittable, check out Common Questions for Submitters. For first-time Submittable users, How Do I Submit will walk you through the process.

We use Submittable to accept and review our submissions.